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Crawl Back Under The Stone You Crawled Out From! 


Why do I need to try so hard,

Why don’t you notice me?

Why don’t you see all my qualities,

or what other people see?

Why do you make me work for next to nothing in return?

Is this one of life’s lessons that I am failing to learn?


I give you all of me - body, mind & soul!

But your lack of attention, is really starting to take its toll!

I don’t feel valued, and you show me no respect!

I feel lonely, despite having you in my life, but what should I expect?


You work hard not to give me attention,

You work hard not to show you care!

You work hard to be missing, when I am longing for you to be there!


Why don’t you tell me I am pretty,

Why don’t you hold your glare?

Why are you not romantic,

Why are you never there?


Couples holding hands; taking walks in the park.. coupes kissing and canodelling and wining in the dark!


Couples making plans for life, like all real lovers do.. which is the majority of significant relationships,

and then there is me and you!


I’m tired of not feeling affection, or feeling that you care!

Lack of passionate kisses,

Or an emotional stare!


So it’s with regret that I am telling you my life is moving on, & when you stop to look for me it will be then that I will be gone!


By ‘Felicia’! You waste of space!

You emotional void!

You are a shell thats housing no substance, as your foundation has gone!


It’s a shame I wasted time thinking you were the one! 

So do me a favour, and crawl back from under the stone you crawled out from!



Written by © Wendy Roberts 20-05-2018, all rights reserved


©2000 - 2019 - Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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