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World so Sightly

Yesterday was fast and demanding, 
We all have those days.
A great shuffle, then it slips away.
Today the sun seems lazy and calm.
I wonder if it is napping in God's mighty

The slow motion of daybreak is soft 
and slow it still holds a welcome glow.
My joys and sorrows cross my mind,
The melancholy moments are kind.
No rush or pushing the hours to linger,
I type my thoughts with busy fingers.

It is like a rainy day without the rain,
a silence that soothes all pain.
In soft sighs, I hold each moment
To speak with my, "Maker Wise"

If in one glance, you see his loving
Face, he will touch your soul with
His mighty grace. When earth and
Heaven is joined in his warm embrace...

At last, the clouds above has passed.
The light beams brightly, in a world so

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World so Sightly