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Shadow  of Time

A woman sat alone in Central Park. 
She was fixed on the pending dark.
Soon night falls into place and reveals
The moon's swollen face.
Dreams began to flow by the illumination of 
the moons glow. 

A dream of dreams becomes clear, with the
Voices of children everywhere. 
A song of love filled the fresh air, and flowers
bloomed with gentle care. 
Somehow there was something not right, in
the shadow of the night.

Rain fell upon the scene and opened the night
With waters clean.
The shadows walked closer to the trees, and 
Cast its darkness upon the hour, a chill that 
Cast a stronghold power.

What was this drifting gloom that held its pace
In dreams that lace? 
Was it deaths shaded grip, that slowly close its lip?
Or was it images from a light from overhead that
Designed the shadows stead?

In this dream, no answers would be found.
The dreamer has left the bench and sleeps 
In the depth of the cold, cold ground!
Did anyone hear the dreamer rise and fight the
Sleep from her eyes? 
Did darkness take her there or did the sleep coil
From despair?

A nightmare has outrun the night the sleeping 
Woman slips from sight and becomes the star of
Endless night. 
Among the infinite stars of the time, her essence once
again will shine she cast the shadow on a glitch in
Time and finds her light and warmth defined... 

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Shadow of Time