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Clipper's Call

Days gathered at his feet,
soon years piled upon his aging frame.
He worked from dawn to dusk, now he 
Walked with solitude in a patient solid stride
and feels the sand and foam as his bare feet 
shuffle to the water's side.

Ships in the harbor are ready to sail, the Captain's
Chimes are singing to the waters inviting dancing brine.
In days of Clipper Fleets and sandstone streets
The sailors meet at the Tavern before the ship 
Starts its sail in mornings sun as night so softly 

Casting off to open waters the crew ready the vessels
Stern, in moments the sails are catching wind and rays
Of misty golden sun, the clippers sets in waves moving
In a mighty run.

No bare feet on this ship boots protect busy feet
Now a guest of waters wage, to meet the power of Sea
To face its peace, or feel its rage!
The days gather for one, for all, when brave men answer
The Mighty Clipper's call.

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Clippers Call