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The Wind Did Go

The wind blew in from the north on a summer breeze
Riding an arctic tempest upon the winds of sand 
The arena is on the Pacific Northwest's coast's Native lands 
An area ravaged by many a past winters' siege
Natively trapping isolated Athabaskan peoples so proud  
High upon the Mountain Range visiting the clouds 
Where the wind did go for generations of easements 
To suffer them from within, famine and diseased forum 
Empowering in the individual palette curing with taste 
Which does not match or meat their decorum
Strengthening supernatural strengths passed down to another
Addicting solely overpowering with angst and rigor bleeds
Engulfing one's soul with an unnatural craving to continue
Crafting and obtaining the power contained implanting brings
Overly repetitious redundancy culminating in cultivating seeds
Ultimately coexisting in the possessing of demonic greed
Where the win did go for generations of easements
Was purposely met with no appeasements 
Once having started and begun kept on growing to become
Greatest in lore and that of terror the Windigo tastes were
not in error 

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The Wind Did Go