The Blood MOON
O” blood moon! the celestial phenomenon appeared.
The 150 years sky never revealed “the haze of glow”
Super blue blood moon very close to earth.
I know you the witness of blood flows in many Nights.

I know you the witness of blood flows in many Nights.
But I like to see you with shining stars,
When night falls in a cool breeze
You sail in the sky with the smile
You peep through window pane
While I have a rest in lounge chair
That hides every pain, you lovely moon.

Why you became the blood Moon?
Handout gleams to peaceful white buds on earth.
I know you are non luminous.
Golden sun cherished you eternally.
I know you don't have any blanket.
But the clouds cover you in asleep and care
I know you are made of only rocks.
I wondered, the blaze in the dust tonight
The date 31 January 2018 “the new look in sky”
Mother earth gave you a definite path
Move on with calm smiling face in skies.

The angry waves roaring at shores
Hey blood moon! The rusty red hue in your face
Certainly, the shadow of what you witnessed in the earth.
You white moon, you white moon
That reflects whatever you got
Wipe the dust in the blanket of clouds
And give dazzling smile at highs.
See the awaiting lovely blossoms.

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