A Synthetic Soul

Except My Life

They take the best years of your life.
They dim the light in your eyes.
Tell little white lies to reap you of your vivid life.

Like melted hearts made of wax.
Built to be spilled and poured out
on a thirsty ground.

Living it large in a world so f&#;ing small.
So f&#;ing wild, this world can't tame me at all.
With fire in my eyes f&#; em They're soft.

Seeing what is changing.
All the changes have them lost.
They try crushing the little man to remind him that he's small
Living at home with their soot covered souls.
Sitting on their frostbitten bones. When
the cold comes creeping, caressing your skin.
Do not let it in. Do not let it in your heart.
Heart beating not foreseeing redemption served cold.
Not needing to stop bleeding. Deceit defeating the goal.

Living It large in a world so f&#;ing small.
So f&#;ing wild this world can't tame me at all.

Not turning back running wild.
Living a life we'll be leaving behind.
Finding myself no longer in your sight,
But rather in darkness hidden from light.

Shadows plotting while you step.
They taunt the timid traveler.
Tearing up the mountain to
taint the flowing fountain.

As the castle crumbles and comes crashing
down on my surroundings.
The sound of children's laughter fading.
Impaling a beating heart that's quaking.

Is there nothing that won't be lost or ripped
to pieces?
Stripped, broke, and beaten. There is nothing
left to be taken from me except...
my life.

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