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Something in the air, something that shakes the ground.
A mournful agonizing sound spins with twisting winds
Bends and breaks the will, brings grown men and women
to their Knees, stinging like killer bees.

Counting heads of Generals now reflect the face of 
Countless wars, and when the count is in...
it begins again!

Brave hearts beat as one, to siege with battle cries, the 
Protectors of the nation, stand up, ...
again and again, they...

Do we know the hell fury that grows with each attack?
Do we see their sacrifice that keeps our life intact?

Tomorrow, we honor their service they give each and every day
But there will be no better time than now to thank our soldiers
From keeping our Nation from "Harm's way."

God Bless Our Nation,
God Bless our women and men,
Each and every day.

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