I call you a beauty..

I call you a beauty
I spot you in blockade with shivers,
Today you are stagnant and lethargic,
With litters ,filths and foul smells.
Throwing bits and bobs at you.
Damned dreams of a beauty.

Waits calmly with test of nature.
She is wet from each drop from clouds.
I listen that changes
Looking so beautiful in rain
Day and night with rhythmic chanting
The gushed out love begins with her.

Her heart out with smiling ripples.
Thank you heaven, the beauty in flow.
No grudges I forgot all snivels
She embraces me and smiles.

Splatters little pearls on me
At the shores on the dry woods
Canopy is coming back with blooms.
Birds plumage and songs heed
Fills sweet smile and fragrance
And quenches my thirst.
I am happy to see your love.

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I call you a beauty..

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