The factuallity of fate,
What no one can doubt.
For each men must take,
One breath in one breath out.
Birth and death,
And the next meal.
All are written in the scroll of Taqdeer,
By the destiny quill.
All are Fated,
And men have no choice.
Hark to all hearings,
Without the voice.
Everything is predestined,
Yet men must choose his own destiny.
Paradox of free confession,
In the predestined testimony.
Men must choose on things of choices,
He can speak his mind,
Or silence his inner voices.
He can speak a lie,
If he must.
But to speak the truth or lie,
He must choose first.
Therefore predestined are his inner commands,
But free are his outer conduct.
Therefore all his intentions are added to the book of fate,
But his deeds he must deduct.
His intentions are predestined,
But his actions are of his free will.
Men only writes his conducts,
But the commands to commit or sustain,
Came from the predestined quill.
Therefore each men is predestined,
To take one breath out and one breath in.
But he can choose to inhale,
The breath Angel,
Or from fart of Jinn.
He can inhale from burning Ganja,
Or moistened grass.
Therefore sex is the choice of men,
But fate is the eructation of his phallus.