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The One that Got Away

Suddenly I jumped from my bed, it has been a while since I was so nimble.
But there it was, the wee hours before dawn, and my dreams were
leading me on.
I Felt like I needed my head examined, with the reaction that kept me 
On my toes, sometimes that's how my dreams go.

So I fixed a cup of hot mint tea and grabbed my tablet while my thoughts
Ran free. In the corner of my eye was my cat looking sly!
Not knowing the reason why I rose to check her tracks two mice were 
On the floor, they were not moving anymore, so I picked them up one by one,
Wrapped them up 'til I thought my work was done. 

I placed the mice in a box, but what's this? One jumped up and ran like greased
lightning, it was a little bit frightening!  Wonders of my days can sometimes be
awesome when a tiny mouse knows how to play possum.
So I looked at my cat, "What can I say, this is the story of the one that got away!"

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The One that Got Away (Revision)