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I walk the halls of an ancient castle where Kings and Queens have walked. 
By a sea of antiquity, near the sands of infinity. 
A simple life and common means have lifted me to this scene. To see lives of 
Glory to tell their untold story.
Times of old and times of new call of the whimsical and meek, a distant
Voice sings low as the searching mist begins to leak.
There is a roar of thunder; a flash of lightning in the dark, a ship that lift its sails, 
The ship now embarks.
The venture moves through the storms, or drifts in placid waters deep. 
The sail is a tortuous climb and is somewhat unstable and steep. 
Yet, the thrill is the treasure that all mankind will keep.

The Gulls soar near approaching shores. The anchor brings stillness to the ship.
A wind whips across the deck and unseals the Captains lip. "Land ho, man the 
Boats, we dock our ship, this is the master plan of our trip!"  Then clouds of rain
overhead begin a steady drip. Pure rain to wash those travelers clean from the
Seas hazy grip.

What now appears is a small chest with a glass window on the side, a chest that
Is left unopened within lies greed that demons hide. 
There is more, a closed door, a window looking upon a cluttered shore, should the door
be opened or left unexplored?
The door suddenly springs open, the clutter realigns, and inanimate objects take a 
life-seeking, soul-freeing design.
Light so bright men shield their sight, life coils all around in the midst of it all a 
Small child softly calls.
Holding all the seeds, the child strongly leads through sands the men's feet comb,
To find the halls of the lasting home

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