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Dismiss My Actions


Dismiss my actions, it was wrong
to be such a fool, I counted on
you much to long, now the day
has turned into a disaster zone..

Friendship, hogwash, you were
there only to get what I gave
you, so if you thought after
ten years of pretending is
good enough go and hide away.

Dismiss my actions if they were
not good enough, I gave you
more then a bed to sleep in, I
gave you my heart, my friendship,
if you know what that is!!

Play another, use them till they
have nothing more to give you,
then treat them the way you are
treating me.

What goes around my dear, will
soon come around, and then I
shall see those tears shed in vain,
I will not turn the other cheek,
one time was enough.

My heart is not bitter, only anger
at the way you use a person, then
leave without a good-bye, such a
fool was I not to see through those
shades of yours.

Wear those masks, play another
for a fool, I have now become
a little wiser with the likes of
you, watching you play those
silly games.

Dismiss my actions if you think
I'm being unfair, your the one
who had a full deck, your the
one who cheated and lost, not

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

Dismiss My Actions



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