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A Long While

 The last chapter summing the victories and defeats.
Now parting in as each page reveals the silent tear
Stains on this old tattered book, yet, the families that
Read these words were embraced by each written word.
In the ruffled pages read and unheard.

From beginning to end, the heart and mind grows with joys
and sorrows,  as the plot unwinds, finding the value of 
Generations left behind.
The hopes that fill each tomorrow. 

There is a long line of the richness of life, that emerges
From sacrifice and strife.
A pilgrimage to those brave souls made lives within this old 
Leather Journal where my Ancestors life will not fade, in their 
Written word their story is told.

As the pages end, I see the light in my Granddaughters eyes, to
Rejoice as her story begins...
Somehow I recall my own Grandmothers smile when she commented,
"That light will live on a long while!"

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A Long While