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Les Animaux

ever notice how some people speak
without saying a thing
or the thing they really mean to say

words aren't meant to be wasted

but they are

"full of sound and fury
signifying nothing..." **

he said

the guy who invented
fake news
has lost the facts
his words not entirely true
but only in some small kernel
of meaning

he spoke this way to
gather favor
and garner attention
using language for his purpose
attempts at reinvention

people are
after all
part of the wild kingdom
human animals

truth has to be hunted down then
tracked down to its footprint

I wonder
who recognizes truth
we're so used to lies
including those we tell ourselves
about otherness
and how we're separated
when we're all crammed in here
and have to share this blue marble
all seven billion of us

now there's a website
where you have to pay
for what constitutes truth
I heard the commercial for it
only yesterday

now getting back to the animals
and the facts
and the lack of basic understanding of this principle
we are all animals
every single one of us
including the human animal
all seven billion of us

so to use that phrase as an insult
a means of separation
or to illustrate some widening gap in misunderstanding
between race
or religion
is just
ignorant prejudice
and builds walls
between people
that don't need to be there
and only encourages further misunderstanding
hate and suspicion

this is not the world
I want to live in

what kind of animal
would say that about another
an animals
that shares
his DNA
his same loathing of pain and suffering
his want for something better

I could scoff over
this wasting of words
this biased ignorance
I find it

**--From William Shakespeare/one of my most favorite lines ever...
I hope for my sake I am not misquoting William.

legal copyright for this poem/work 1:27AM PST June 4 2018
time and date stamped and also for this author/writer
Melissa A Howells and also for this legally copyrighted
site title: Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

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