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No Snakes Or Spiders

I love nature I can't deny it, I just don't like spiders or snakes.
When I see them I'm okay at a distance, if I'm to close you'll hear
Me yell out in resistance.
I'm riding down street when a critter with eight feet ran a little to close to the car!
I stopped at the light...
Could not believe my sight it was a hairy fat spider with its mate 
Right beside her.
My hubby and I was talken when the light turned
these spiders should have got it for Jaywalken,
but no officer of the law could give them a
A ticket, if they saw what my hubby and I saw! 
The spiders had a mouth like a  bulldogs jaw!
Their temperament seemed nasty and raw.
Spinning out like FIRE, thought it'd take a chunk of my tire.
If that's wildlife in this area, make no mistake, 
 I'm staying clear of the indigenous snakes!

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No Snakes or Spiders