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Roots Unbound

Summer sweeps her warm breath across the field of grain.
Tears flow from the sky-casted rain
quenching thirst in natures name.
The toil of the soil is not in vain.
The lazy hazy sun looks upon the rich earth's bounty
Ravens reflect their silhouettes upon the waltzing wheat.
The speechless voice earthly features rest in the blossom
Of rooted creatures.

The Raven's wings drift above, one by one,  purity soft  flare
Then gather by the pair, in circulating air.
There is a rhythmic sway to the life that fills this day.
Soon enough the harvest will feed the hunger of many
The seeds that propagate will change to nurtured 
Fulfilling fate. 
The granaries now await.

Fields of life-sustaining crops will feed the body warmth
when the temperature drops.
When planted seeds have flourished, the land will fill our needs.
As each crop hears harvests sound, hunger vanish 
When roots become unbound.

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Roots Unbound