Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula

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Here lies the winners and losers of the planet

These are the "epitaphs" on the gravestones of the 21st century
Readings; where it is alleged that those who gave birth... only...
Produced physical humans, but not matching spirits that fairly fits
For how do we explain brothers who destroy their siblings over
Lost love into deep hatred?, yet find friends who freely connect

Cain killed Abel but for what !!, if only he cared to catch
Himself a pleasant spirit, God would have endorsed that
And where do noble men get wicked dim-witted partners?
I sincerely believe that the devil contaminated some choices

Leave me alone so that I listen to the Angels walking us thru
And introducing us these "epitaphs" as the Almighty weighs in
The devil with a twinkle in his eyes foolishly awaits nearby
To drop some folks that he had dragged in the dark corridors
Of death; thinking aloud that "this one is mine, Oh my hard luck"

But then Satan hears the angels looking out for those lost folks
Where did our winners go? brave seraphs...they ask amongst
Themselves, we were only citing what wrongs they did not do
But not for you the evil one to take advantage of this window
Go away you silly brat; your time is coming faster than you think

I'm still deeply puzzled into myself; of how many we lost like that
I yell out in desperate praises to God.. Oh Lord "how do we win" ?