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​Where the Wind Did Go

The great Athabaskan Natives of the Pacific Northwest Migration
Asian China descendants crossing the land bridge 
Cree, Apache, Navajo, Chipewyan proud and brave people
Forgiving the unforgiven "Trail of Tears" surmounted souls
Left to languish where they died
The greatest ravishings are where the wind did go
Thoroughly planned thoroughfares through the plains or blistering snow
Controlling and making the tempest upon where its choosing flowed 
Directing the drift was an apparent gift of that of where the wind did go 
Repetitiously leading to the Athabaskan people's hereditary trait 
Humans soul consumption of flesh gaining the power of the creatures prowess
Aged ancient foresters tallied spirits angered and demented to habituation  
Spiritual formation combining souls compounding souls deranged  
Compilation into the demonic formation of humans and animals
Creating the ungodly power taking it to where the wind did go  
Legends myths of the Wendigo passed down generations
Seeking paranormal revenge  upon their enemies, not so hard to grasp
Science is developing and may prove the Wendigo's presence, 
At last

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Where the Wind Did Go