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Will to Live

There was a child who gave her best. 
When she became a woman she continued to give,
 Somehow it was not enough, she lost her will, to live.
Her sorrow grew with each day, her tears continued
To dampen her sight, but an Angel came to her one night.

A sweet glow sparked in her eyes like a light of Paradise the
A messenger from above reminded her actions where
Deeds of her love.

Would she ever find the will to move forward to be who 
Her loved ones knew her to be, or would her eyes close to 
Loneliness, sadness, and despair? 
The soft velvet wings of her Angel held her with care.

"You must move to light, it the source of life's unwavering
might,  your will, is weak, but it returns as we speak."
She seen the faces of her Mother, Father, who died so many
Years before,  in that golden moment, their love swept
Across the floor, not one word spoken just a wisdom
Filled the air, that final knowledge that returned her 
Will, to walk with her to the end of days, to follow love,
As her guide and though her days are numbered, her
Will stands beside her with a heartwarming stride.
(Never give up!)

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Will to Live