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     “He Turned Away”
He couldn’t
understand it
her lifeless body
just lying there
in front of him
twenty three
years old
and his friend
what a waste,
she was
over taken by
little problems
trivial issues
for most of us
but for her
it was one
too many
tipping the scales
of her sanity
in the wrong
leaving her
turned off
no mental guidance
for her thoughts
they were
left alone
a drift
in the cold
of her mind,
her dead eyes
staring back up
at him
following him
as he paces
back and forth
besides her
as he keeps
asking her
a question
that is of
little value now
after the fact
but still he
keeps on posing it
to her,
never having
the time
over the last
couple of months
to just sit
and listen
when she really
needed a friend
he only asked
one question
last night
then answered it
“your doing ok?”
she weakly smiled
and nodded yes
but her face
tried to speak
to him
as she was
reaching out
for his hand
it tried to say
something else
“I need some
but he knowingly
turned the page
on her
saw that she
was struggling
but not wanting
to get pinned
in between 
her life’s little
and his having
a good time
“drink and forget”
were the only
words of wisdom
he offered her
along with some
shots of Tequila,
she was laughing
and burning bright
when he dropped
her off last night
but when the
door slammed shut
behind her
it also put out
her only light
leaving her alone
in the dark
with too many
through too long
a night,
so now
he is haunted
by that image
of her
and as the
years pass by
he continues to
see her eyes
looking up to
asking for help
and he never
stops asking
the same question
over and over
but only now
he’s asking
     Tom Allen…06-01-2018…