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Thankful to see AnotheAnother Day 

Many years have passed,
since that hot muggy day of September.
A day of uneasiness an undertone of gloom.
When chaos and mayhem entered this room.

I was a young mother raising a large family
My Husband and I worked hard to maintain 
Our home, we had a big yard where the dog 
and the cat would roam.

We worked and played a good home was made.
When suddenly a car came crashing through the house
I grabbed the children to move to safety. 
I moved rather quickly, by no means hasty.

Dust and debris was everywhere, the engine of that car
Was still humming loud, a bunch of smoke encircled in a hazy cloud.
I heard cries for help, coming from within that car. 
Then the engine died- off and people of the neighborhood gathered
Near and far.

My Husband ran to the car to  set the passengers free, A women 
and her husband and a small baby.
One by one they were pulled from the wreckage, battered and bruised 
They were out of the car, gasoline was dripping on what was once my
All of us ran or staggered to leave through the living room front door.

I remember that day, 
and when that car exploded, how we all got away.
I'm so thankful that we all could see another day!

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Thankful to see Another Day