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A day

The perfect day in regards to the weather according to most people

There’s a select few of us that would claim above zero is too warm

Cold running through our blood

born and raised in hockey rinks we flourish

That’s the best time since there’s no one at the outdoor skating rinks

Getting the rink to myself or friend and my brother

Playing free for all and working on skills

Missing those days where groups of us would get together and go

One friend always came besides my brother

The kid was my age on my team a couple times when I played guys

Another great time when it gets negative forty-five without windshield

You and your friends decide to be smart and go sledding on the only decent hill

Two people end up injured due to a seven people landing on top of each other

Thankfully no one was badly injured so we could do a snowball fight after

Snowball fight turning into wrestling match

free for all

The days where we were just innocent kids

The times where life was amazing

The times that are easy to miss when thinking back

The memories you want to last a lifetime

Sitting in the stands in local rink

Drawing out and making plays

Forgetting about everything else one the most important thing


Focus of everything

revolving only in the rink

external problems don’t matter

comparing plays stats and outcomes

the main and only focus

learning from the older kids

The one left behind


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The good old days