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Talking about how excited we are for our freshman year of college

Both nervous but looking forward to Monday

Never thinking this will be the last time we’ll start a year together

Almost all of the same classes

Same schools

Since second grade

A year later

Starting the sophomore year

Every day gets closer to the start of the semester

Tomorrow is kick off

Remembering so many memories

Always on my mind

Knowing you won’t be here

Dreading Monday

The first year that I have to start classes without you

A ray of light

A ray of hope

A glitter of sunshine

Gone from my life

Unable to think about making plans

For the future I have and you do not

What’ll happen on Monday replays in my head

Day 1 of year 2 without you

Is so hard to think about you being gone

So many years together

Meeting when we were in mini-mites together

At five years’ old

A friendship lasted a decade and a half

Hard to say goodbye

You were always there

You were always my rock

Nobody else I could depend on

No one there that I could ever trust

You were always the friendly face in a crowd

The one left behind


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A single ray