The Siachen Roses

The Siachen Roses
"When you go home tell them of us

and say, for your tomorrow We gave our today."

Salute to you brother.. salute to you brother..

In train I saw you in general compartments.

I saw you in the armored battle green truck.

My land's virtue's your patriotic deeds..

Even in disasters, your outstretched arms helped lots

So safe I am, insecure is your life there.

You left your family with a passion of military service

And you are in borders in minus degrees

Praiseworthy heroes at the peaks.

Born to win for my brothers and sisters..

Dare to safeguard the cultural diversity,

Around the clock ready to act

At the top of the great Himalayas..

Immobile snow at close to the clouds

Beauty of the Mountains leads to the heaven.

It is a far cry from valleys to Siachen.

Bad signs,screaming vultures behind hill pigeons

Snowflakes tripping over bottlebrush trees

Safe not you are.. as the mines in lane.

Shrieking sounds the Patton tanks and bullets

But in each step have you to keep forward.

Hairpin bends and steeply climbs

Sleepless night outlandish survivals

Snowstorms sobbing in the crown of earth

missing many regiments in ruthless avalanches.

Among them you also fallen down in a crevasse

The highest battle field in freezing wilderness

Shimmering dusk stars real witness is the sky

As “Shooting stars” you drifted from crew

Some are clinging to life on chilling bergs

Frozen blood in wounds without pain

Nerves are crushed, blood vessels are constricted

Tattered baggage and infantry's on shoulders

Alas ! You exhaled out final squeezing air.

Snow cap closed your flashing eyes

“The white glaciers” gulp down brave hearts.

In your blood mountains cloned “the Siachen roses.”

In your blood mountains cloned “the Siachen roses”.

With them your noble soul light up forever..

With them your noble soul light up forever..

For martyred soldiers there is a solemn ceremony

The corpses wrapped in boxes in the tricolor flag

Paying homage another regiment marching sounds

Patriotic waves boost up every hearts

With wreath of roses at “Amar jawan Jyoti”

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The Siachen Roses

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