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Feline Friend

What is it about black cats
That so many people are afraid of
Superstition doesn't help anyone
I have a Black Cat, she was a stray
I was really happy when she decided to stay
She was a small kitten that walked up to my drive
In the dead of winter
It was amazing she was alive
She lived over twenty years, I fed her
gave her a warm clean bed
She finally had a safe place
to lay her weary head
She grew to be my friend
She walked with me everywhere
A light and playful spirit
She now had someone to care
When I called her she'd come running
She was lightning 
Fast and oh so stunning
I named her Storm, 
Fitting for the blizzard season, her name 
Just stands to reason
One day I called but she didn't come
I called and searched all day
But she did not come my way
My heart felt broken, I cried a lot
With few words spoken
I felt so sad inside, It's been four days
Still no sign
I was afraid that she had died
She was a feline with heartfelt pride
 Where oh where did she hide
Day five was a shakedown look
My brothers and sisters all were
Bound to find her, whatever it took
The day began to end, and still no
Sign of my Feline friend.
So back to the house to get ready for bed
When I walked through the door 
She was cuddled  in a box on the floor
Much to my surprise, five
Little kittens about her side, a look in her
Eyes of the Mama cat's pride. 
My Mother was all smiles, she watches her
Bring them in one by one until her work was done 
I won't forget her face, as my eyes began to trace
She brought her family home to a warm
And loving place Yes, my Feline Friends
Arrived all six, well and alive

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