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Bountiful  Land

I felt the cool waters from the summer's rain.
The amazing warmth was soon regained.
The cows in the field slowly returned to the barn 
My old lazy dog stretched out and yawned
From dusk to dawn the farm kept me going.
The hard work is finally showing.
The Grandchildren will help with the farm this year
They know how to bring on the cheer.

When the heat gets to sizzle they head for the lake
A time now for a cooling break.
I welcome their helping hands
That is an invite that will always stand.

Content with home cooked meals 
They lived and learned the needs of the farm
Nurtured, planted, and harvested crops,
We worked until we nearly dropped.

Farm living is never-ending chores
The freshness of life is always in store
This is a life that is full of demand, but it is the life that I understand
The Good Lord has Blessed this Bountiful Land.

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Bountiful Land (Revised)