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     “Cutting Him Out”
She swishes around
the wine
in her glass
an early dinner
that turned into
a night of dissecting
reflections of him
closely followed up
by questions
she feels
she needed to
ask herself,
he came into
her life
through a door
she mistakenly
left open
to her heart
a hopeless
closet romantic
believing in the
existence of
true love
while secretly waiting
for the right
man to appear
that will melt
that protective layer
her heart
and set it free,
but she never
saw him coming
he wrapped himself
around her whole
with the gentleness
of a Summer breeze
her world now
by the light
of his invisible
as she’s bound
by love
to an orbit
around him,
she tilts the
bottle of merlot
her glass getting
more attention
than usual
a trusted friend
for messy situations
such as these
with every swallow
of the dark-blue grape
she is able to
pull more arrows
out of her heart
but unable to
stop her love
from leaking out
of the holes
left behind,
wanting to stop
the pain
from those
but not lose
the sweetness
of the memory
she tries to
cut the cancerous
tissue away
from her precious
saving the warm
emotional center
of the nucleus
letting it live on
within her
without destroying
in the process,
she looks down
into her glass
able to see
it’s bottom
she pours the
last of the wine
slides her right
hand under the
its long stem
protruding from
between her fingers
she pulls open
the patio door
and steps into
the fading light
of the sun
it’s golden rays
lapping against
her smooth
brown skin
as she rearranges
all her newly
of him
and watches
the sun
as it kisses
the horizon,
and as the sun
starts to slip
hooked on to
it’s last rays
of light
from the dying
is her Summer breeze
as she unwraps
herself from it
and lets it blow
softly out of
her life…
     Tom Allen…06-02-2018…