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Lights Out


This is the end of my life!

I drop to my knees and peace is all I feel!

Escaping this misery and strife!

This pathetic excuse for my life!


No one cares that I exist!

A sick but unapologetic twist!

Entering this world as a mistake in the night!

Leaving this world - angels with bright auras, surrounded by white light!


No one really cares!

Friendships are just exchanges of what they can take!

They don’t realise that spending time / caring is free for goodness sake!


Am I that intolerable to spend time with?

When you are breathing in my space!

Do you spend time with me out of pity and not because you care!

Superficial laughter & fakery everywhere!


Sick! Fake! Polluted friends!

This is where the fakery ends!

I have opened my heart and given you all of me,

But you continue to spit your venom and negativity!


Friendships cost! 

I am the one they think is flush!

We go to the bar and cut through the crush!

I turn around to see where you are?

But you place you order from a far!


There are givers and receivers in this life and everyone takes from me without a second thought!


My heart is pure and constantly abused!

This life I live is a miserable excuse!


Not one of you would cry if I die!

Why am I your friend I ask myself why?


Lonely, empty, and on my own!

No one gets me! Love, I quickly disown!


Death fills me with peace!

Taking away how I feel!

Tears roll down my face, as I drop to my knees!

No more...  Jesus... please!


Tick, tock...


Lights out! 



Written by © Wendy Roberts 09-06-2018, all rights reserved


©2000 - 2019 - Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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