Life is devoted to the Nation.

Life is devoted to the Nation
The valor thoughts and deeds
“Life is devoted to the Nation”
See who is patriotic
Safe here each state and their culture
Thoughts about family and friends
In their talks continues in this way
Slowly the truck moving in the lane
They know miles to go,
“Life is devoted to the Nation”.

To avoid the hardness of the snow
Mufflers and jacket they put in advance
Some of them lighted cigarette in hands
Rubbing the hands, singing Hindi songs
Slowly the truck moving in the lane
They know miles to go….
Through binoculars, they saw in the moonlight
Hairpin bends, bottomless trenches
valleys with whitish flowers.

Track the mines in the lanes
Thus outwit any infiltration.
Still, the last breath survives
Protect the countrymen from militants.

Oh my god! A shell that blast in their way
Both side heavy trenches are there
They missed the lane. Truck in steep
O” it rolled over the snow rocks
And moved about to a trench
With heavy sound shocks
Oh! Sudden brake
Hurry hurry up dear
Where are all crew members?

Skimmed over the snows
Blood smell and smoke arises
In the scary darkness
Down bottomless trenches
Stranded off in the broken glasses
They are at the edge of the life
Front wheel already outside
Uproarious the engine
The truck on crutches
The danger they smelt.

Hurry hurry up dear
Come out.. Come out aside
The floating snowflakes in blood
But they never weep
kept their feet's in balance.

Fileman Singh said in cries
Brave hearts alive
From down lanes to peaks
Hugs his comrades..all are safe
And kisses the shaktiman truck
“The truck has a soul of Jawan”
Ammunitions loaded in their bags
GPS Signals they got from headquarters
Surveillance helicopters put ropes
Thanks to god.Thanks for all prayers.

Hey, look down the truck
That saved them from the dreadful mishap.
Brave hearts with mission and passion
Tricolor flag sways at top
Clouds will speak to them
At top of Mountain ranges
Now let's move to “Line of control”.

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Life is devoted to the Nation.

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