My Words Spoken


Poetry can make one's world to others abstract. It can also shield us in a shelter from humanity's hatred for the next.

The world of poetry can stop all time and matter to become a weapon of spiritual and mental knowledge.

Poetry can bend boundaries and bring light to the darkest minds. It can act as a mental glue.

Poetry has the fortitude to bring out your emotions. It can make you laugh, cry and even dance.

Poetry has the ability to be watched as a movie, listened to as a song or even read to a listening crowd.

Poetry can be planted as a seed on a desolated island of deadly radiation and yet still survive.

Poetry has survived droughts, wars, natural disasters, debates, racism and any other circumstance.

Poetry has been the fly on the wall, the one who has told us many stories from past to present. It has adapted to humanity.

Poetry has made many writers famous.
It shall never die.

Poetry is forever.

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