The more aware, the more that we're afraid,
For those still in the matrix and the prices to be paid.
The lies, the deceptions, the lives left in despair,
Indoctrinated into a heartless profession, we now call Wealthcare.
Do No Harm was the basis of their humanitarian work,
How did healthcare become Wealthcare, that causes so much hurt.
Sold out on the promises, we can no longer believe.
To much confusion, they deliberately conceive.
Your ignorance a perfect ride, and their ticket in.
Once bitten twice shy, let the healing begin.
Speak up, speak out, leave no words unspoken,
We are the aware, the many, we are the chosen.
To become the survivors we need for change,
We must take back our system, from the seriously deranged.
We cannot continue down this road of despair,
We cannot allow a system to flourish without care.
Reducing health to promote wealth, is our danger indeed,
In a broken system that hides the shame, they will never concede.
We're a cash cow of ignorance, lining up at their doors,
Never a second thought about their dangerous allures.
So here lies our work and within each and every breath,
We need to raise awareness on our leading cause of death.
The reality of thousands we can no longer ignore,
The dangers of Wealthcare, by the high paid whores.
Your not a patient nor a name but rather just a number,
It doesn't matter your disease, or if you end up six feet under.
It's all about lining their back pockets, with your hard earned contributions,
This is what we call Wealthcare, our new misguided institution.

Deanne Merchant
Reg # NeZfCmB9cSHF8wmQ

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