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A Love like Theirs

Remember when the sparrows had a song to sing.
In the trails so narrow, we hear the church bells softly ring.
A lonely woman remembers when she wore her
Heart on her sleeve, it was a time when logic takes leave.

Her heart was deeper than her sleeve, her logic has
Not taken leave.
She found her true love and they join, it was not
The other side of a gambling coin.

The hearts of kindred spirits fair softly drifts
In lovers air.
A union of flawless cares dwells in their hearts
From the very start.

Now this lonely woman sits in the park, under the
Lamppost that lights up the dark.
She recalls her one true love, the chill of night surrounds
while the mist of midnight drifts aimlessly to mystical sounds.

She and her love took the sacred vow but his death happened
In the battle's plow,  sometimes in moonlit skies, she can 
Feel and see his essence on wings that fly.
Is it the Owl, that stalks at twilights chime? 
Or some wingless creature that steals the hands of time.

She feels a closeness to her one true love when stars and 
Moon reflect above. 
She walks home to rest her mournful eyes, and dream her
dreams and hold him with her empty arms,  just one more time.
At last, her loneliness did cease when she felt her spirit release.

Together after years of separation, no longer Thrives loneliness
or desperation.
Of tears and sullen pleas their love soar above the seas.

In darkest night her love returns, and shine the flame their
Love that churns, with many twist and turns, the restless pain 
No longer opens wounds her aching heart has ceased to

Their souls collide and dwell together on the other side...
On warm soft velvet wings they fly,  a love like theirs will
never die..

( Dedicated to Brenda and Brian)

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A Love Like Theirs