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Messy Mania

Noonday passes suddenly when the sun was hidden in the clouds.
The streets filled with the growing crowds.
A day of celebrating our Independence Day,  A darkness consumed
the light, winds restless Gail, brought rain and hail, people start to 
Vanish as the storm prevails.
Lightning struck the towns clock tower, the storm grows more violent
By the hour. 

So people went to the school for shelter the crowds was in a panic
Running helter-skelter .
By the time the streets were clear, the storm had disappeared.
The storm was bad enough but the unorganized evacuation 
Escalated in ruin and disaster, the fear blind sighted the people from
That point after.

I've heard the statement "Cool heads prevail," there must be truth in 
What they say, because without an orderly plan a smooth evacuation failed.
I had to agree that for this very reason, crowds aren't for me!
The hustle and bustle of that day, is a good enough reason to stay away.
Come next year I'm all for a home Barbbecue,  just some family, and friend
One or two...

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Messy Mania