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Wilderness Walk (Series)

Seemed like a forgotten place, 
The air was crisp and fresh,  the land and fertile crops,
The Buffalo grazed mile after mile.
My people would move with seasons for no ordinary reason
Life was supported by fair weather, continual 
Crops, that kept us fed all year round.
One beautiful spring dawn a daughter was born to
The Chief and fair lady wife, soft black hair their 
Little Papoose  let out her cry, her voice carries to 
The warm spring sky. 
Birds on the wing  return to their nest, to feed her
Young with natures best.
The wilderness was aware that a new soul arrived
In the Indian nomadic tribe, a soft loving spirit is alive.
Mother and child in the arms of the wild would 
Heal to the labor of birth, resting softly on the voice 
Of Mother Earth.
The Chief is beaming with pride as his wife and child
Cuddle to his side. Love dwells in a hut near the forest line
Softly held in the blossoms and soft velvet pines.
There is a story of this wandering tribe their faces and hearts
So gracefully shine, so walk with me in the miles of their time 
Their spirits can glisten and shine.
Their story unfolds from the echoes of time.
To be continued...

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Wilderness Walk (Series)