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Wilderness Walk (Series Two)

Summer was a productive time for The Plains Cree tribe! 
They would be moving soon to higher grounds. 
Harvest would be their final chore then they would
Move on once more. 
The Buffalo hides were baked and ready for their upcoming 
Travel, the little Indian Princess is growing quickly, she 
Lights the eyes of her parent with her smile,  she will go 
On her first journey, to cover many a mile.
The Little Princess was named at her moment of birth 
Oota Dabun ( Morning Star) she was a light of the quality
and worth.
Now the horses and wagons are full the tribe is ready 
To go, they head for the hills to make it before the first 
They invite you to accompany in their wilderness walk
Where the sky and earth softly talk. Come to walk with us
and see the life of the brave and noble Cree.
 To be continued.....

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Wilderness Walk (Series Two)