Infinity of love.

Infinity of love..
The dawn cock made the alarm,
Cockarikoo.. cokarikoo…
Hey, Wake up to see her lovely smile.
At far up the stupendous mountain.
The golden face with sunspot looks like “bindi”
She begins radiant smiles.
Her attractive body still on the horizon,
Covered in the cloudy gingham costumes,
Floating in the space.
She brushed her long claret hair
In a lazy mood, touches the thick woods.
While the birds in the nest started singing songs,
She became subsequently beautiful.
With a spectral smile, she descended to the valleys.
“The land lord” is awaiting with tulips buds.
Welcomes her with a handful of tulips,
A hug with mist and cool breeze...
While she kisses glued petals,
It opens with fragrance in landscapes.
Woo! Diamond rains on blooms…
Her legs touch the rivers and bring silver glow,
Her halo goes deep in the core of his heart.
Trees are lined with more birds and animals.
With a pigmented decor of sweet berries
Each matter is talking about their love.
She is everything for “the land lord”.
He made the landscapes, seas, islands
He made the gratifying sceneries
All the wonders of the world for her joy.
She looks dazzling and hot...
Rogue planets and mysterious stars are hushed.
They don't stare at her.
She is “soorya”(sun) the lover of “the land” lord.
Now the dusk begins,
In the moon light they,
Looking at each other and slept...
The love in her ladyship and his lordship,
Gifted each life in the universe..
An “atom” to “Akash ganga” in this eternity of love…
The force and value of love are beyond imaginations…
Be alive in the infinity..”Infinity of love”.
Vinodkumar v

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Infinity of love.

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