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Little Bill's Fathers Day Gift

Little Billy wanted to get his father a fishing pool for Fathers day
Just to show his love in a special way.
So he took some jobs like mowing the grass, and soon his chance
Was ready to finance.
He got his father a big cane poll, found it in a yard sale, as he took
A stroll! 
He was happy with this amazing buy, he nearly started to cry.

On Fathers day he started to pace, his happy heart began to race
He hands his father his gift, he saw his Father smile gave his
Spirits a lift. His Father didn't mention his mother bought a similar
Poll, he invited Billy to their fishing trail, once at the water they 
Jumped in a rowboat with polls, bait, and a pail.
It would be a day they could forget hard work and learn to play.
That day they landed an awesome catch, the pail was full of perch
and smallmouth bass,  they were all together in that pail of brass
His Father rowed the boat to shore, and gathered their gear and so
Much more. 
As Little Billy looked at his father, he could see the peace on his face
The day that he mentions as the day he was free from the humdrum rat race.

Many years come and goes, but Billy has grown to know that his memories
Have set him and his Fathers heart all aglow, come rain or snow.
The bond that day has shown him the way, Happy Fathers Day.
For the mentor in my life who taught me how to play in a very rewarding way

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Little Billy`s Fathers day Gift