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Fading light release the sun, as the day begins to run.
Thunder rolls on high, and lightning spark the sky! 
The rain falls all around,  quenching the thirst of 
Drying ground. 
Summer rain in sizzling heat is close to steamy 
Vapors drift while waving wind will gradually lift.
The night sounds begin to shift.
The night wades in puddles which quickly clears, 
The moonlight shines Oh, so near.
An aching heart wonders in the meadow of twilights
Sighs and glance upon tearful eyes.
In dancing midnight heat the tall grass caress the feet!
A place where dreams meet, a passing joy that sees defeat.
Cherish  what was and set it free,  what was is no more,
Now close the time behind life's door, and reach out to
With faith once more.
The gentle summer rain will wash away the speckled  hearts
Relentlessness stain, moving forward to relinquish pain.
With the loss, accept a part that will not regain.

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