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 poetry by Mercysmine

                                         THE  WATCHMAN

                                         Evening  falls
                                   the  sun  slips  slowly
                                   behind  the  mountains

                                      A  watchman  climbs
                                     the  cobblestone  steps
                               to  the  top  of  a  mighty  wall

                                   There  he'll  stand  guard
                                   till  the  morning  light
                              for  the  safety  of  the  kingdom
                                rests  upon  him  this  night

                              His  thoughts  must  not  wander
                                    nor  to  his  eyes
                                 he'll  not  give  slumber
                             for  the  safety  of  the  kingdom
                               rests  upon  him  this  night

                              He  will  not  leave  his  post
                         though  rain  and  wind  may  assail  him
                                 thunder  and  lightning
                                 will  not  prevent  him
                            for  the  safety  of  the  kingdom
                              rests  upon  him  this  night

                             There  are  nights  of  bitter  cold
                        and  biting  snow  that  makes his  body  ache
                     his  mind  gives  way  to  some  fleeting  thoughts
                    of  a  fire  burning  bright, a  warm  place  to  rest
                                 for  just  a  little  while

                    But  he  chides  himself  for  such  selfish  thoughts
                       as  he  quickens  his  steps  upon  the  wall
                             looking  left  and  looking  right

                  Straining  to  see  through  the  darkness  of  night
                     any  danger  that  may  be  within  his  sight
                           for  the  safety  of  the  kingdom
                            rest's  upon  him  this  night.


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