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Their Course

She awakens from her dream, within a whisper her starry-eyes gleam 
Just as one caresses the light as day, she awoke for the darkest nights
Walking envisioned in her wayward dreams was the man who carries her torch
He walks a cajun tanner she boasts his skins in fashion

She is too, too, far away from the countenance she gives, unworthy   
For him to reach her as she walks under a moon-lit starry sky upon a distant shore 
Lacking gain keeps them apart, hopelessly; way across town, on the other side of the tracks
Aflamed is the light of her candle that feeds the fire as the flame kindles his torch,

The dreariest stands, two lovelorn hearts yearning to be adjoined to another
Cast she down on the world following me hand in hand, granting us both love's hand
She that carries his torch throughout and embraces it as hers has the man's love  
She that kindles his flame throughout love keeps and holds his heart above all others

 She is the flame that he carries to stay their course

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Their Course