The Flare Beauty.

The Flare beauty...

Respected universal dancer

I saw you in bright sun

I saw you in lightening

I saw you in eyes in red

And the flare in woods,

But today she is in distress.

She hugs each bush and trees

She does hot kisses with wildlife

Burst all with burns fills screams

Her eyes stare in a flare

Tap Tap...Sparks from feet

Emotional blaze roars in wind

Dark fumes floating with cloud

She inhales more oxygen

Woods the fuel for her,

Drunken driven dance in wilds

Crackling laughs running behind beasts

All, in short, left back as carbons blocks.

Scary howls and sirens I heard.

Hey! Beauty don't be so cruel

Barely debris left over in ash

Invertebrates, birds, and giants

Nobody flees from your flames.

Dear dance without distress

Keep alive this universe.

Quench the flames of anger

Calmly sleep in earth's core.

From stone ages to present

In hearths while cooking meals.

You are the beauty from years

Sure you the great power.

So spiritual sparkling smile

Heaven will shower more.

Light a love in the oil lamps.

The flare beauty keeps in hands.


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The Flare Beauty.

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