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Wilderness Winter ( Series Four)

A soft breeze dances across the grass, a chill holds my eyes to the wonder of a young winters call.
The woodline becomes bare, with the hint of autumn leaves twisting in the air, rising to heights
then suddenly fall.

Soft fading colors seek the earth's embrace the soft sighs of winter's voice speaks in this place.
The hill was inviting all Cree from afar, as their eyes focus on the northern star.

Their lengthy roam, becomes still, for now, this flat top hill is their winter home.
Chief Wildcat instructs his tribesmen to build their tepees after their long journey
They can finally rest their weary heads in their own beds.

Lady Dawn and little Papoose Day Star on her cradleboard, accompanied
her mother as she cooked a pot of Rabbit stew with corn and peas,
this night would feed them right.

The young braves tend the horses, add a canopy to aid as a shelter in the still moments as they feed,
The sun sets, and the warm glow of the fires flickers in Moon's glow haze,
to bring to close Autumns Phase.

Chief Wildcat, and his little Papoose roll on the Tepees floor, she has a light of warmth that fills her parents
Life, her laughter brings peace to the Wilderness strife, home now is calling in the camp of the Cree, apart
of time when their life is free, come to walk with them in time, as winter's cold crosses the line.
The sleeping tribe is at rest, know each one has done their best, gaining strength for a long cold season's test.

(More to Follow, Series Five)

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Wilderness Walk (Series Four)