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On the Wings of An Eagle (Reprise)

When I was a child I climbed the mountain
To see all I'd hope to see walking a beaten path
To be among the trees!
I walked because I could feel the mountain's air,
I walked to see the life this mountain shared.

I saw an eagle soaring, its wings were open wide
He seems to be looking at me, so I found a place to hide.
He perched on a massive rock and spoke to me when I
Walked by, "Why did you hide, I was admiring your stride,
Did you fear me with my wings open wide?" 

Yes, I feared you, your wings open with much power!
The twilight gathered, in the passing hour. "Do not fear 
My wings power, they hold me to the air, only feel fear
When you can't see me anywhere..."  He spoke to me 
Through the passing light and we sat and spoke to each other
through the night!

Seems man was cutting the forest away and this strong
Bird had very wise words to say. His home was disappearing
and soon would have no place to stay!
"So remember when you no longer see me you will have much
To fear, because I'm part of God's creation that's forced to
Leave, hear what I say and try to believe...It is a sad day
When my kind has lost their way."

My tears were many on that mountain tall and fair
I turned to thank the Eagle, but he was no longer
We must respect their home, we must show them
That we care, so their wings can lift them into the
Mountains air... Their home is our way of peace
It is frontier where wildlife can release...it is up
To mankind to never let it cease.  On the wings of
The Eagle,  freedom brings its peace

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On the Wings of An Eagle (Reprise)