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Wilderness  Walk (Series Five)

Chief Wildcat awakes to the ululation of the northern wind.
The sun was consumed with black clouds, the winds of 
Winter bellows loud the first snow enters so very proud.
The dogs and horses are restless this day, as arctic air makes
The chills as winter come out to play. Lady Dawn stokes the fire
The smoke streaks from the tepees tops, as snowflakes gently drop.
Little Day Star sits on the floor waiting to see her Father walk through
the door. She giggles, and pats the ground, she laughs with every sound.
In walks her father, much to his surprise, Day Star quickly stands,
She runs to her fathers greeting hands.
She takes her first steps to be by her father's side, Chief Wildcat beams
With Fatherly pride.
Little Day Star begins with her toddler skills of two steps and a full
Course run, she was ready to bring on the fun.
Day Stars parents look in her direction with the fondness of parents affection
The first snow dust the Crees settled camp with the pitter patter of Day Star's
feet echoing a rhythmic beat
The Bison robes are draping this families shoulders when the night grows significantly
colder  Family cuddles together for sleep when the snow outside drifts deep.
Lady Dawn is captured in her dreams when her visions vividly stream. 
There is a warning of pending danger the shadow of darknesses arrival of a wandering stranger. 
Lost in a blinding winter's rage a fury is freed from an iron cage
Wolves gathering their pack in midnight slumber Lady Dawn traces their tacks, the spirits of the land
Aids her stand as the dominant wolf licks her trembling hands.
The bond of the wolf would be by her side the pack would stand against the fury, her tribe would
Survive, they would stay alive.
What dreams that come and go will give an ancient wisdom a place to grow.

(To be continued, Wilderness Walk Series 6)

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Wilderness Walk (Series Five)