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So speak to me of light, and I will live in sun shines spectrum.
Yet,  I say the light you speak of is more than sun's golden hue
A warmth that lifts the soul to heights beyond.
To hold the light as it holds me, to see the beginning of forever
In a tear of silver shine, to hold those tears to part with sorrow's blade,
when darkness quickly fades, the peace of eternity is born not made

Talk to me about tomorrows fears, I will simply walk away there is 
Only courage where my essence stays...
Talk to me of many things of what the earth can  bring, I will see its Seas
Surge high and low and sail to shores when north winds flow
When my ship has lost its sail, the song of Angels softly hail
Light of lights will greet my soul a light that will not fail

Talk of many things what words can bring,  while those words slip by
My golden dreams come true to soar  on Angels wings
In sands of time the light of life each moment brings
Words are words until the promise of forever sings

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Words are Words