O” Mynah

O” Mynah...
O” Mynah, O' Mynah the little bird,
I had got it from the paddy field.
The screaming sound echoes in fields
In the dusk where I saw reaped grains,
Looks like golden beads in the sunset
Loading in bullock carts by men,
The women carrying hay bundles in line.
All are busy to go to home…

The ants are biting too hard,
Village hunter black crows scramble it.
The screaming sound echoes in fields.
The little bird was injured, strings twisted
In wings and limbs are bleeding.
I saw tears in its eyes and pain in nerves.
Feathers are stuck in blood and mud.
When I took the bird in my hands,
Aggressively it strikes again and again.
With pointed sharp beak and claws.
It made cuts in my fingers.
But I didn't drop or leave the bird down.

I loved and cared mynah in “the cage”
It's unable to fly, healing takes time
The turmeric paste applied on broken feathers
Day by day it became a beautiful Mynah
It had yellow golden crested eyes.
It had brown and black plumage that shine.
lean limbs and beaks always in acts
White patches stippled under its wings.
The adorable beauty started to sing.
Woo! What a change..
Started to jump and move slowly in the cage
The Avian adapted to a free flight.

In the backyard, I started to watch
Other birds in dawn and dusk
Reaches in the nearby trees
Looks at the captive bird
they smelt I will put them also in “the cage”
So hints peter out from the spot.
I perched and kept their food in bottles.
The locusts, grasshopper, and cockroaches
For my mynah, that swallows very fast.
Then home cooked rice, peas and sweet fruits
All ready Kept in the coconut shell as dishes
First to give to my mynah always tasty dishes
Daily routine, wake up hearing the mashup songs
It's able to walk on toes and move on the loop.
When I touch the bird it shows greet.
Tail feathers kept up and head will be down.
Stretches the wings and dances like a peacock,
It slowly started to talk to me in love..
It slowly started to talk to me in love..
It starts to whistle in loud if any guest comes
It screeches if it sees cats, snakes or eagles.

I thought the bird is docile let it perch alone.
The bird in swift flew over the trees and started to shrill.
That made immense joy to other birds…
But I felt very sad...I lose it from a cage
With leftover love and care to the bird,
Its sleepless night watching at the cage i.e., empty
I heard melodious song often by the bird.
You in groves with singing birds and fly in the sky.
On the hanging leaves of coconuts trees.
Now it dances in the boundless love.
You are with your mate in natures nest.
No strings enjoy the freedom, enjoy life.
I heard I saw, I know your expressions
Still, you are a caged bird in my heart.
The polished cage, I kept for a lifetime...
It will be a cage for giving care to you
O” Mynah, live long near to my home.

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O” Mynah

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