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Wilderness Walk (Series Conclusion)

There is a sigh of relief when Lady Dawn receives the news that man, woman, and child were doing well
Great Eagle would continue to care for the family.  In a matter of weeks, the Tribe would grow to know what
happened to this family.  The Monty family sailed to the New world Mr. and Mrs. Monty were missionaries
A hurricane sunk their ship. They too had a Wilderness walk that saved their lives, the noble Cree did all they
could to help this family.  Years went by so fast, DayStar married the young Brave, Grey Wolf.  Chief Wildcat
and Lady Dawn now play with their four Grandsons.  The dignity and gentle wisdom of this tribe is heartwarming,
special, and lives on...

(I dedicate the Wilderness Walk Series to my Husband and children with love to their ancestors of a bloodline that carries on.)

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Wilderness Walk (Series Conclusion)