"Miss Independent"

Sitting alone in an empty house with nothing but my thoughts
Never knew freedom could be this lonely until now
Everything is so still I can hear myself breathe
I pour myself another glass of whiskey to drown the voices
The voices in my head constantly reminding me of my mediocrity
I wanted more than this for myself, my little haven on earth.
Maybe it's insane to want freedom yet fear a lonely death
For its clear to me now the price of freedom is loneliness
“Miss Independent” a title fluttering when said but not when lived
I pay my bills, answer to nobody and depend on no one but me.
So I sit and wonder what will happen when it all falls apart
When I no longer have the strength to make it all stick
If I'm to take my last breathe at this very minute
How long until my corpse is discovered
A day, two day, weeks, months, a year!!!!

I'm down to my third glass when the voices calm down
They are no longer as loud as before but more of a whisper
The loneliness is still their like a dull ache that won't go away
So much love to give yet no one to give it to – such a waste
I stare at the mirror across the room and see beauty
She's a little hazy to the eye but still beautiful as can be
Her eyes seem sad but still hold a spark somewhere beneath all that grey there's still light
I smile at her but she doesn't smile back
Such a beauty should smile more often
I exhale and I'm brought back to my senses.
I didn't know I was holding my breath all that time
My glass is empty and so are my thoughts
The loneliness however still looms mocking my very existence
Everything slowly fades into nothing and I find haven.

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`Miss Independent`

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