Thoughts of a Mother


Dopesick Love Jones
That make me scream like nobody else home
That pull my hair, smack my thighs
Make me think of no other guys.
That Jodeci, Dru Hill, Silk on repeat
That sweat 10 lbs off from wrestling in the sheets
That chocolate covered strawberries
Whip cream on top
That ooh, yes right there please don't stop.
That look in your eyes so deep
So true
That kiss so soft, so long
My eyes are only on you.
That stuck in traffic
Then that flashback happens
First time you introduced me to your family
That first time you kissed me around your boys
That passionmark so dark
It's shades are 4 tones or more
My hands through your hair
Don't care whose knocking on the door
That corny joke you told
But I laugh like your Richard Pryor
That even though Im taking a bath
My soul feels like its on fire
It's that, I ain't even got to check that chick
Cuz he deads those unwanted looks real quick
It's that damn where you been all day
Been waiting for you just to hear the words you say
It's that connection
That worldwind
That passion
The ups, downs
Doors closed, phone slams
But can't stay mad cuz all you need to do
Is text two words so simple
Miss you
Yes that's that Dopesick Love Jones
Not sure where your at
But cant wait til you get home.

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